Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Introspective Frustration

Just got done watch "The Dark Knight" I love that movie, however now that I have watched it, I am thinking about things it tells me.

First off let me start by saying I love well written movies. See there are good movies that aren't particularly well written, like say "Die Hard" still a great movie but hardly has to do with the writing. When watching a well written movie it is always followed with conundrumesque thinking, and this is the state that I find myself in at this current moment.

You die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. Interesting line, I like it. Now personally I have never been considered a hero, by anyone's standards. However, define villainy. No doubt I have had my hand in the proverbial and real cookie jar several times, if that is the case for villainy then I went to the dark side long ago. So what's the time line here, do I lose my chance to become a hero when I hide something from my parents that I broke or lie to them about where I have been? I personally feel gypped on this hero shit. Looks like I should have done my life saving when I was 1 because like most kids when I turned two I was a little bastard. Well, I don't remember this, however my mom is sure to fill in those blanks on several occasions.

I like the Joker. He is my favorite character in a movie in a long time. What a beloved inspiration, it is a shame the cops finally catch him in the end. See, it's not that I have a complaint about the movie at all, but let's face on the boat, when looked at in a harsh light of reality (not behind the movie lens) someone would push that damn button and blow the other boat up, and I don't believe it would be the criminals. I can think of 3 people right now that would blow the other boat up, myself included because the preservation of the many out weight the need of the few in strict terms of survivalist instinct. Perhaps I am being overly negative when I write that, but it's simplistic evolution. Now remember this is only in terms of law of nature, or what Hume called the state of nature, not the law of the land. In this country we are majority with the right of the minority that over see all and we are not in survivalist mode.

Two Face annoys me though, in a sense that I don't understand what his problem was. See he was all willing to stand up and fight organized crime but then he loses Maggie Gyllenhall and suddenly he turns his back on everything he believed in? You know what that tells me? He was only doing it to impress a girl, and not because he was a good person, selfish and full of shit if you ask me. Oooo Harvey Dent this really great guy, fuck that, he was a selfish prick because when you believe in something, and I mean truly believe in something, the death of the person you love is a set back, but not a complete 18o of thinking. Of course than again, I've never really believed in something that much, nor been in love. But I would imagine the great pain and sadness you feel is a set back for sure, but won't cause you to take the opposite view point, unless say your view point is that dogs are nice, and your girlfriend or boyfriend is killed by a dog, then yeah, maybe your not so inclined to believe that anymore. But listen to that last scene in the movie with Batman, Two-Face, and Gordon it's all about Me, "the joker targeted me", "he went after me", selfish ass, SUCK IT UP!

Gary Oldman is awesome. That's all I have to say about that.

Anyway that is my introspective frustrations I just shared with you. Now time for a smoke.

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