Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Horror of it All

So I decided to give it another shot, I think the problem was a lack of focus and structure and discipline. I made this blog without a theme in mind, but that was to broad, so therefore I have to narrow my views a little. So the blog is about movies now. So I still left it wide open but can now feel more focused when I sit down and search for a topic. Today's topic comes from

Phil French has decided to put together movie scenes that stick in your mind from other people that work in the movie business. Yes, I get it the shower scene in Psycho was memorable, and after I saw that movie, I had to shower with the curtain open for at least a week. Other choices were good as well, the stairway massacre scene of Potemikin, the mirror scene from Taxi Driver. However, there are so many other scenes that stick out in my mind than those.

Confession, while writing this as my first draft, I discovered that I have to stick to genres, So since we mentioned Psycho, and since the Academy Awards just decided to do a toast to horror movies, why don't we start out part 1 of our classic movie scene study with that genre? So the most memorable horror movie scenes, (Sorry Sara)

Requiem for Johnny Depp, A Nightmare on Elm Street

The demise of Glen Lantz is in my opinion the best death scene in any horror movie. All he had to do was stay awake, Nancy even told him "Don't fall asleep" but he does, and then Freddy's gloved hand comes up and the drags him into the mattress and the gallons of blood shoot up from the mattress. This is just plain awesome, that's a scene that is totally worth remembering. I hope this scene is topped by the new nightmare movie, not redone, the preview is AWESOME! can't wait.

Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round, The Exorcist

When Regan spins her head around 180 degrees that is just horror movie genius. This iconic movie of the 1970's still stand up today. Personally I don't get swept away any more but it is fun to watch every year just because it's got the classic mentality. Now I could've gone with the spider walk down the stairs backwards, that was awesome, but the head turn is still one of the most iconic horror movie moments also in this picture is the crucifix that she defiles herself with so, really happy I found it.

Let the Sun Shine, let the Sun Shine In, Nosferatu

Yes the classics are still great as well, the original vampire movie death is still one used today, the death of Dracula in this film is still the best, the acting, the use of the shadows in Black and White and still is an iconic scene in any movie clip reel.

Swords Falling From the Sky, Lord of Illusions

Could not find a picture of this, however still stands as one of the scenes that stood out in my mind, in the beginning of the Lord of Illusions Swan's sword trick goes terribly array and sword after sword falls through him finally finishing off through his chest in the end. You know while on this movie, this is a terribly underrated horror movie, definitely going on the list next October. Also, there is a scene where the main villain sticks his fingers into Scott's brain and re-arranges his electrical impulse signals, also a good scene, again I could not find a picture so we're stuck with the shitty box cover.

Skeet, skeet, skeet-Scream
When Skeet Ulrich falls down the stairs and Sydney hand him the gun and then turns and says "We all go a little mad sometimes" then shoots Randy, that is one of my favorite scenes in Scream. The look on his face and the camera Zoomed in is classic, plus the throw back to Anthony Perkins in Psycho wasn't bad either.

Study for your Blood Test, The Thing (1982)

Couldn't find a picture of the scene, so enjoy this one from the same movie. However the scene where Kurt tests all the blood samples to see which person is infested with "The Thing" is truly a classic, tension filled scene, as all of us watching try to guess which person of the team is infested with the mutating monster.

Rude Awakening
Ok so many people are torn on Paranormal Activity, I get that, but the greatest scene is the scene where the demon drags her out of her bed kicking and screaming, her scream is awesome by the way, god it was great, this scene on this list is also tied with with the scene in the Blair Witch Project where the tent is shaking and the kids are laughing outside, now that was aweseome.

Oops...Wrong Floor, The Shinning
Ok I don't consider the Shinning a horror movie, in fact, this Stanley Kubrick film is on my worst movie list because the book was so much better, but my personal biases should not distract that the film's scene where the blood pours out of the open elevator doors down the hallway is still hard core.

Rising In the Darkness, Halloween
This scene in Halloween is one of my favorites and is probably 2 or 3 on this list, after Lori stabs Micheal with the coat hanger a few times he falls on the ground in the darkness and then because she can barely walk she stops and as this look of relief that she has finally made it, through the darkness in the background slowly Micheal sits up...what a great scene in the movie, really clinched the whole film as the quintessential serial killer horror movie, for me.

*Drool*, Amittyville Horror
Ok I just like this pic. Anyway the Amittyville Horror remake was actually a good horror remake! There are two scenes that stand out, the one where Jodi's ghost puts the babysitter's finger in her bullet hole wound, and the other my favorite, my stand out where Ryan Reynolds forces the oldest son to hold the wood block he's chopping. Ryan's performance in this movie really makes him one of my favorite actors because it proves he's not just hot but an awesome actor as well. It really is that scene though that stole the movie from everyone else.

Recap. There are others as well, and I am not discounting those. Kevin Bacon's untimely demise in Friday the 13th is up there, Night at the Opera House where he shoots the gun through the keyhole taking out the womans eye and half her brain. These are all good. I think these scene's though stand up above the rest, not because they inspire nightmares, because they inspire creativity, breed imagination and force us out of our safe comfortable seats, to see the darker side of horror.

P.S: What I am interested in is your thoughts and opinions, so please leave a comment, offer others, if Jeff reads this I am sure he is screaming at his computer screen calling me an idiot for my choices, Lol (j/k) Jeff. However, let me know your perspective and where you stand.

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